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Our pups that we have sold

I  wanted to send you a puppy update, on our wonderful Goldendoodle Gage.  

All worked out fantastic with respect to the engagement!  Linnea was so surprised and happy both by the ring and the Dog, and I am honestly not sure which one she liked better.  

So far, He is a wonderful companion and great addition to our budding family.  He, as you would expect, is making the world his chew toy, but he is slowly learning the lay of the land and the rules of the house.  We feel so blessed to have him as a part of our family and Linnea and I could not be any happier.

I just wanted to email you to thank you again for allowing us to take a small piece of your family and allowing us to make him part of ours.

Thank you again,
Bryan Sorensen
pup 1 new family    

Haiti pups
Owned by Steve and Theresa in Winona..
isnt she beautiful..Her name is Gracie.
"Golda" loved by the Eisermann family.
sweet pups snow babies
Golda Golda is one very special pup! At just over 5 months old, almost 50 lbs, she is
housebroken. She knows/responds to the following commands voice/hand signals: sit, come, eat
(she sits by her food bowl until she is told to eat), drink, out, speak, bed, fetch, search, house (meaning
go to the house when she is outside), She is starting to recognizing her toys by name. Also working
on her taking things to either of us when we say "take it to Don" etc. She pushes open doors when
asked to. She loves a bath, and readily jumps into the tub. She will also stay in her "bed" (crate) for
and extended time with the door open. She loves playing in the snow. She will be spayed next week.
Mila is doing wonderful.. she is finishing her last puppy class next Tuesday and she is very smart. She likes to watch basketball on the tv. She watches the ball go back and forth all over the court. It is really funny. Her personality is awesome! We love everything about her...thank you for giving us the best dog ever.
Lindsay and Ben

Kato and Doodle
Mila resting Mila bobbing for toys getting some air

Saturday, on Mila's first birthday she get eggs for breakfast & lots of toys to open! We have discovered that she loves to play with tiny little toys, they are her favorite. We also took her up north to Michigan on Labor Day weekend and realized she LOVES to swim!! At first she didn't know how and her back legs kept sinking haha. She has such a great personality, everyone loves her!
Nigel Wrigglesky

Here is a photo of Nigel..a male out of Haiti and Simba..isn't he BEAUTIFUL !!!
Bella Joy Bella Joy

Look at our pride and joy after her 1st grooming...now 6 mo old!  She is doing so well.
Have had her in classes for 4 mo now.  Extremely smart.  Still so mellow.  Trainer has 2 top dogs.... Bella & a 16 mo doodle. 
Her biggest fault is some occasional chewing.  No big deals.  She's a puppy!  😄gr8 w/ grandkiddos.  Thx so much, Steinhoffs! 
Ozzie & kids Ozzie

"When we surprised the kids with him - they fell in love with him immediately. We all agreed that he looked like a Muppet and originally thought we would call him Fozzy - but that morphed into Ozzie --- and it fits him perfectly!

Let me say --- he is just the best! It took him all of a week to be fully housebroken and he was the star pupil in puppy/obedience classes - so smart! He is such a friendly guy and LOVES people and kids! And - he loves to snuggle! He is just the perfect dog!! Plus - he has the absolute sweetest face!"

"We absolutely adore Ella!  She is so sweet and gentle... She makes us laugh every single day.

Here she is with her newest squeaky toy on her new favorite lap!"
Bella Bella
Zoey Zoey
ZOEY (parents are Simba and Paris nov 2013)
Zoey is absolutely awesome.  She is such a good girl and has warmed our hearts.  She seems to have a little stubornness, but is smart like her daddy (this might be a wild combination). It was hard to choose between her and her sister, but I know I made the right choice.  Her fur has turned out nice and wavy, not tight at all. She loves belly rubs and has found her way into our bed in a very short time frame.  She is potty trained and started with doggy school and will be attending doggy daycare once a week to stay socialized and friendly with people and 4 legged friends. I just wanted you to know that she is a wonderful addition to our family and that you bred the perfect puppy.   Simba and Paris were a great combination for parents. 

Thank you again,
Lisa Putz

Skittles is now 30 lbs at 4 month old.He is the best dog I have EVER had !!


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